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Cheap web hosting with free domain name is a web site about web hosting companies which offer discount services with cheap solutions and free domain name.
Watch out even the section of this site about Domain Parking, very useful for website projects not ready to be hosted yet.

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Top 5 Domain Hosting Sites

Everyone who needs to host a website, would like to host it with a cheap plan and with a lot of disk space and a lot of free services helping in the building process.

Internet is full of Cheap Web Hosting companies which offer lots of different services. Some of them include free domain name registration and you could choose the best hosting sites among them.

The following companies offer Discount Hosting and could be considered the 5 Best Hosting Sites in Internet, with cheap and top quality plans:

Hosting Site Banner Hosting Site Starting Price Space Bandwidth/mo
HostICan HostICan $5.56/month Unlimited Unlimited
ixWebHosting ixWebHosting $3.95/month 500 MB Unlimited
WebHostingPad WebHostingPad $3.96/month Unlimited Unlimited
StartLogic StartLogic $3.95/month 60 GB 600 GB
LunarPages LunarPages $4.95/month Unlimited Unlimited

The most important things to care about choosing a hosting plan
Web hosting is needed because there are web sites to host and to make public to net surfers. Ok, it's a trivial observation so why bother with it?
Well, the important point to underline is that it is the web site which must be put at the center of the attention. The web site ready to be hosted is the real important thing from which every choice must be taken.
As a matter of fact, the... continue reading

Does really size always matter?
When someone surfes the web searching for the best web hosting company which fulfills his needings, one of the most important things which he considers is how much space a hosting plan offers for a given price.
This is a natural thing to care about, but is really the storage space size so crucial in a hosting choice? And moreover, what about the amount of the maximun bandwith/month allowed?... continue reading

Why cheap web hosting and not free hosting?
This is one of the frequently asked question which one can ask himself when web hosting space is needed for a given web project.
There are a lot of companies which offer free hosting space and so sometimes it is a bit difficult to understand what plane to choose between a free plan and a cheap plan.
There is no doubt that the word "free" is one of the most searched in the Web, but wh... continue reading

What is the best affordable web hosting site ever?
Good question, isn't it?
The answer: it doesn't exist.
Bad answer, isn't it?
Don't worry, it's not a whisky drink consequence, it's only a provocative article which underlines that talking about web hosting should be done considering what the final purpose of a website host must be.
In other words, there could be various reasons to host a website. One could want to host a simple, perso... continue reading

Shared hosting vs dedicated hosting
Any business out there can benefit from using the Internet, either as a platform to sell their goods directly or at the least, as a way to tell people what they're all about, to tell them when they're open and to provide phone numbers and emails, so that people can contact them if they want to order something. A web site can be invaluable and even for a site that doesn't sell things directly onlin... continue reading

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