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The most important things to care about choosing a hosting plan

The most important things to care about choosing a hosting plan

Web hosting is needed because there are web sites to host and to make public to net surfers. Ok, it's a trivial observation so why bother with it?
Well, the important point to underline is that it is the web site which must be put at the center of the attention. The web site ready to be hosted is the real important thing from which every choice must be taken.
As a matter of fact, the absolutely perfect web hosting site in a general meaning doesn't exist, but there could exist the perfect hosting plan for a given web site.
There are some points to consider and some questions can arise in the mind. Is the web site to host a big site, is it built for a killer application which needs TBs of storage space and a lot of bandwidth/month, or is it a simple and not so resource expensive web site which could be stored even with few hundreds of MBs?
There are many web applications which don't need "unlimited web space" and "unlimited bandwith" and so one could analize other more important things to choose among.
A simple question arises about "unlimited web space" and "unlimited bandwidth": why double quotes have been used?
Well, the answer is quite simple and sounds like... what is infinite, "unlimited" in the world? It's not a philosophy disquisition, it's a real statement about the fact that a web hosting site which can give you unlimited storage space and bandwith simply can't exist. This is a real, rational thing.
Since all hard disks mounted in the various hosting servers have limited storage space, anybody who wants to host his website, will have limited storage space and, since other server resources are limited, he will have also limited bandwidth/month.
So why most web hosting companies talk about "unlimited" resources? What does "unlimited" mean about the hosting matter?
The term "unlimited" could be referred about the available resources on the hosting hardware where the web site will be hosted.
This leads to the consequence that, if on a given server there are few web sites hosted, then "unlimited web space" and "unlimited bandwith" mean a relatively amount of web space and bandwidth, else if there are just a lot of web site hosted, then it means little storage space.
All these observations lead to the main question of this article: what are the most important things to care about choosing a hosting plan?
They can be a lot, and among these, we can say that the price, the programming language support (PHP, ASP, Java), the stability of the hosting framework, the tools, the available libraries, the available "accessories", the additional services and the technical support quality are relevant.
In this optics, one should consider not necessarily the cheapest web hosting plan (and not necessarily the most expensive one, of course), choosing a hosting plan with a good price/quality ratio which can give to a given site stability, very low downtime occurrences and so on.
So let consider building and hosting a web site like a great investment which must be evaluated with attention from different points of view.

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