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Web hosting service

Web hosting service

These days, both people and businesses have a web site online, either a professional one or something hosted on free blog hosts. The Internet presence is quite useful, allowing others to find you faster and giving them information about a business or about a person. The one thing which is needed if you want something professional is your own hosting account, which is a must if you use a domain and not a free subdomain. Having your own hosting account and domain shows the world that you mean business and that you're serious and professional. Most people tend to distrust companies that use subdomains, free hosting accounts and email addresses which are based on free email services.

Having an online service is not that hard though, with only two things needed to make it happen. Besides the web site, which can be replaced by a CMS like WordPress, the only things which are needed are the domain for your business and a hosting account.

The topic for this article is the web hosting service, which can be thought of in terms of free or paid. The free hosting services are usually low quality and you should never try to base the site of a business on a free service. The service you're getting in return is usually terrible and some free hosting companies place ads on your site so they can make money. That wouldn't be professional at all.

As for paid hosting, there are three main types of packages that you can go after: the shared hosting account, the VPS hosting and the dedicated server.

With the shared hosting account, your site stays on a server together with hundreds of other sites. When one of these sites has a surge in traffic, there is a chance that the rest of the sites on the server will have longer loading times, making the experience slower. Hosting of this type should be avoided if you have more than a few hundred visitors per day.

The second one is the VPS, which allows you to own a certain amount of processing power and RAM on a server. You will know exactly how much traffic your site can take and you have access to much more options when it comes to configuration.

Finally, you have the dedicated server, where you actually rent an entire computer just for your use. For large sites this is the preferred type of hosting, since it offers the most performance and the most options when it comes to its configuration.

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