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Affordable web hosting? Why not free web hosting?

Affordable web hosting? Why not free web hosting?

Affordable web hosting seems to be a good statement to deal with; it gives to everybody the chance to own a web site without spending lots of money.
However, even the free web hosting statement sounds very good, indeed it sounds even better than the former one; Apparently the word free is better then the word affordable, isn't it?
So why should a webmaster better consider affordable web hosting instead of free web hosting?
The answer to this question is probably not so obvious as one could think.
The first consideration to do is that free web hosting companies usually put their own banners and other advertisement staff on your web pages; sometimes they don't put ads but they ask you money for other services which you have to subscribe together with the free web hosting plan which they offer. For example they could ask you an expensive registration or transfer cost for your domain name to be associated with their hosting plan.
Moreover, free web hosting sites often don't give you much storage space and/or they don't allow so much bandwith/mo for your site.
All these considerations lead to the simple fact that it is usually better to spend few money on an affordable web hosting plan, which gives you a third party advertisement free storage space, with a reasonable amount of storage space and a good bandwidth/mo; usually cheap web hosting companies give both unlimited.
Moreover, affordable web companies usually give you even a more stable framework, with good tools which you can use to build your website, with some accessories which could help you in the project building process and so on. They also give different programming languages support for you to project a website in the language which you prefer and, not less important, they usually have a good technical support for their customers.
For all these reasons, the answer to the first question could be that free web hosting sites could be considered for projects which aren't too important or complex; in general free web hosting it is not good for commercial purposes or similar objectives.
Affordable web hosting sites are instead highly recommended for important projects in which, for example, you can't accept third party advertisement and various limitations which free hosting sites could give in their hosting plans.
In this way, for even less than $5/mo, you could have a professional site to be proud of.

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