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Linux servers vs Windows servers

Linux servers vs Windows servers

Just like in the real world, when it comes to choosing dedicated servers, there are people which choose the safe route and pick Windows and there are people that like to get their hands dirty and they pick Linux, which is usually a bit more work if you want to have control over every single thing it has to offer. The fact that it's open source software certainly makes Linux attractive and it's the reason why most web sites these days are powered by it. Below are some of the things which are different between the two types of operating systems. Take a look and hopefully this comparison will help you pick the operating system which is best in your case.

The Linux servers will actually have different versions of Linux, like openSUSE, Fedora or Ubuntu, among many others. There is not a single version of Linux to use, since the open source environment produced quite a few different versions. While on personal computers Linux hasn't managed to become a big competitor to Windows, when it comes to web hosting servers, Linux has the big part of the pie. Because of the considerable costs of a Windows server license, most companies choose the open source route. Thanks to the many administrators which are familiar with Linux, it is possible for Linux to get a huge share of the server market, even though the percentage of Windows users is considerably smaller.

The first thing which should be compared is the cost. This is a huge part of the decision of a business or even a regular webmaster, so the fact that Linux doesn't cost anything makes most people go for this route.

The second thing which should be discussed is the amount of flexibility offered by the operating system. Thanks to its open source roots, Linux can be heavily modified and customized, though not everyone can do it. While Windows is much more closed, it does feel a bit easier to use, especially if you're using a Windows OS on a daily basis. While it's still not something that a regular Windows user would find easy to learn, it's certainly easier than learning a Linux OS from scratch. An amateur will find it easier to install a server with Windows on it, though there is always the matter of just how secure a installation can be when it's done by a beginner.

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