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What is the best affordable web hosting site ever?

What is the best affordable web hosting site ever?

Good question, isn't it?
The answer: it doesn't exist.
Bad answer, isn't it?
Don't worry, it's not a whisky drink consequence, it's only a provocative article which underlines that talking about web hosting should be done considering what the final purpose of a website host must be.
In other words, there could be various reasons to host a website. One could want to host a simple, personal site or instead could need to host a very complex, professional site.
Without knowing which needings has a web site project, the initial question could be a bit senseless.
Apart from the complexity of a web site project, it is very important to know technical needings like the programming language used in the web application; for example, if you have made a web project in php, you should consider a web site hosting which gives php support, of course.
So the initial question should be changed in one similar to this: "What could be the best affordable web hosting site, considering that I need this thing, this other thing etc.?".
This is a more complex, but even more realistic question and the answer could vary depending on which needings one has to host his particular, unique web project.

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