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Cheap web hosting advantages and disadvantages

Cheap web hosting advantages and disadvantages

These days, if you have a business, you probably have a website online as well. Being visible online is a must, even if people need to visit your store personally anyway. A lot of people use the Internet to find out the hours when you're open, to find out your phone number so they know if you have a certain product on stock and so on. Even if it's 3 AM, if someone needs a bit of information about your business he can learn about it online. Having a web site is quite cheap these days and in most cases you only need a basic understanding of how computers and the Internet work, in order to get a web site and learn how to use it.

Thanks to the hundreds of millions of web sites which are available these days, the cost of web hosting has decreased considerably as well. You don't need to buy or rent an entire server to keep your site going. You only need a small slice of that server, for which you pay a couple of dollars per month.

Cheap hosting is just that, cheap. You can pay just a couple of dollars per month for a shared hosting account, which also comes with limited support. The hosting space which is provided to you usually varies between 5 and 1000 GB, which is more than enough for a small business. As for the bandwidth which is offered, it will usually start from 10GB and go up to 1000GB, so once again more than enough for a small business which doesn't expect more than a few thousand visitors per day. Since these web hosting plans use Linux operating systems, they are quite cheap. If you need a Windows based hosting plan, prepare to pay extra, since paid licenses are needed in this case.

The biggest advantage of a cheap web hosting plan is that you pay for just what you need. As long as you only require minimum amount of bandwidth of web space, paying a lot of money for a hosting account is not a good idea, especially for a small business or for someone with a personal blog.

The thing with cheap hosting is that it's cheap for a reason. Companies need to cut costs in order to remain competitive and you might get a bit of downtime from time to time, support personnel that aren't always properly prepared and so on.

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