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Blog hosting

If you're really serious about your blog and if you're starting to see a bit of traffic, you might want to consider finding your own blog hosting. You can always use free blog hosting, like WordPress or Blogger, but it's advisable that you begin with paid blog hosting or you switch to it as soon as possible. While for a beginner it might make sense to use something that is free, ideally you should choose something paid, since moving from a free platform can be quite difficult later. Having your own blog hosting allows you to take advantage of a number of things, including more features, the ability to install any themes and plugins you want, improving the SEO of the site, adding image galleries and forums and so on. The list of improvements which are possible when you have your own blog hosting is huge. It's also considered much more professional to have your own hosting account. Using a free host instead of spending a few dollars per month is only OK as long as you have a small blog which is visited just by friends and family.

A huge disadvantage that you have when you go with free blog hosting like Blogger or WordPress is that you're not in control. They can decide to delete your blog or take it down whenever they want, if they don't like some photo you uploaded or something you wrote.

Paid blog hosting allows you to be your own master and it's great to have that kind of liberty when you're expressing your opinions. Even if you started with free hosting, you can always move to a paid hosting, though the sooner you do it the better. Once your blog becomes popular you risk losing some of that traffic and influence if you make the move too late.

Blog hosting is usually offered by companies which specialize in offering servers and services which are aimed at owners of WordPress blogs. They will optimize servers for blogs which use WordPress and they will have trained staff which can answer questions and solve issues related to this blog platform. Thanks to this focus on blog hosting, these companies often provide better service than companies which have servers optimized for pretty much everything. Because they expect you to offer images and videos, you usually get quite a bit of hosting space and bandwidth to use. Since you pay for your own hosting, you can use that space as you want, instead of obeying the rules from or all the time.

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