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The shared hosting account is the one which is used in 99% of the cases by individual users and even by small companies. The name of the hosting gives you a good idea of what it does. With shared hosting, you get to rent a small slice of performance and space from a server. There are hundreds of web sites hosted on a single server, so the amount of performance you get in return is limited. While you can't host hugely popular web sites on shared hosting accounts, this solution does have its own advantages for small web sites and personal blogs without a huge following.

There are disadvantages and advantages when it comes to shared hosting, as it's normal with any type of hosting solution. The one large advantage with this one is the cost. You can pay just a couple of dollars per month in exchange for that shared hosting account, which is great when you just want to keep a personal blog on it, or a small business site which will not be visited by more than a few hundred people each day. If you get a lot more visitors than that, you might want to consider another solution, like a VPS or a dedicated hosting account, but for 99% of the web sites out there, a shared hosting account is more than enough. Getting a dedicated hosting account when you're website is not popular yet can mean that you will be paying hundreds of dollars when there is no need to.

The main disadvantage of a shared hosting account is that it offers inferior performances. If you have big increases of traffic, a shared hosting account will usually go down instead of allowing the visitors to see the site. It will work again when people will stop trying to view it in large numbers, but that's not something anyone would wish. If you expect large numbers of people to your site you might want to go with another solution, but if there is no clue that you will suddenly get huge traffic numbers, you might as well go with the shared hosting solution.

There are always ways to optimize a site for heavy loads though, like relying less on databases and serving more static pages, so even with a shared hosting account you might be able to receive a lot of visitors if you prepare for it properly.

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Hosting Site Banner Hosting Site Starting Price Space Bandwidth/mo
ixWebHosting ixWebHosting $3.95/month 500 MB Unlimited
HostICan HostICan $5.56/month Unlimited Unlimited
Omnis Omnis $5.95/month Unlimited Unlimited
InteractiveOnline InteractiveOnline $5.95/month Unlimited Unlimited
LunarPages LunarPages $4.95/month Unlimited Unlimited
WebHostingPad WebHostingPad $3.96/month Unlimited Unlimited
StartLogic StartLogic $3.95/month 60 GB 600 GB
TopHost TopHost € 8.99/year 500 MB Unlimited
HostMonster HostMonster $6.95/month Unlimited Unlimited
BlueHost BlueHost $6.95/month Unlimited Unlimited
PowWeb PowWeb $3.88/month Unlimited Unlimited
DreamHost DreamHost $8.95/month Unlimited Unlimited

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