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Server side programming languages

Server side programming languages

As a brief introduction, we say that every website needs web pages to be hosted through a hosting provider. These pages can be grouped in two great categories: static and dynamic pages.
Static pages can have the classic .html or .htm extension and they could be considered (from a point of view) as the simplest kind of possible web pages because they haven't a programming logic in them; there isn't programming code in them and no webserver is needed to make them work.
Dynamic pages can have different extensions (for example .php, .asp, .jsp) and they are programmed with code written in various languages.
So let analyse their main characteristics.
PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is one of the most popular programming languages. Almost every web hosting site has php support and so it is easy to find a lot of web hosting companies among which to choose a hosting plan wich supports php.
PHP can run either in Unix based systems or in Windows systems even if it is usually better to choose a Unix based server to host php web sites.
ASP (Active Server Pages) is the Microsoft offer for development on Windows systems. It is a programming language similar to Visual Basic and it is relatively simple to learn it.
JSP (Java Server Pages) is the extension of web pages based on the Java language. A Java application has a lot of advantages in the presence of server-side operation utilities and enterprise solutions; it is considered a very powerful and professional programming language.
However, note that finding web hosting sites which offer Java support is not as simple and cheap like finding web hosting sites which offer PHP and/or ASP support.

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